Best Way to Evangelize?

blue screen: 2 Timothy 4:2-3

Dear Pastor Andy, which do you think is a better way to evangelize: witnessing, or reading scriptures to a non-believer? I think witnessing is by far better.

My Reply:
Which is a better way to evangelize? How about both: witnessing, but using scripture in your witnessing? Often times, your witnessing is allowed only because you’ve built trust with the person. So when witnessing, they’re trusting your word for your experience because they trust you. And if the Bible is a big part of your life, then they’ll understand your quoting from it anyway.

Now, you may come across those who are familiar with scripture, but just don’t see it as authority. So if you include Scripture with your witnessing to them, then using it may cause them to begin trusting the Scripture and understanding it in line with their lives today, which is what you want.

Simply put, witnessing and evangelism just mean introducing people to Jesus Christ and His Word, which is a Word for all times. So explaining to them about how Jesus has impacted your life, and using Scripture to reinforce your experience, will sometimes help them understand that what God has done for you, He also promises to do for them, as well as all people who acknowledge their sin, repent, and turn to follow Jesus.

Blessings in your ministry!

—Pastor Andy G.


  1. (John 20 verses 11-29) Be like Jesus meet people where they are, understand and where wise or appropriate meet their need. (with the Holy Spirits help and guidance).

  2. The most effective way to “evangelize” is to share your personal testimony regarding what God has done for you in your life. No one can take that away from you, This was the method that “a man blind from birth” used to explain to the Pharisees and others how he could now see (John 9:1-41). Quoting Scripture to non-believers often only leads to theological debates and self-justifying discussions regarding personal opinions without any “call” to repent and to trust God for His transforming grace and love.

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