Calming the Storm

palm trees in a storm

I love how when sometimes, the scripture that I’m about to teach on happens to be the scripture that I need to read/hear myself at that moment. This is just what happened some years ago as I was about to go over with my students, Matthew 8:23-27, where Jesus calms the storm.

Jesus was sleeping in the boat, and His disciples were worried about being shipwrecked. They saw the waves, the effects of the wind, the boat was rocking every which way (you have to remember, many of these fellows practically lived on boats. Their whole lives were spent fishing on boats, so they knew what could happen during a storm. They also knew how to guide a boat in a storm, and for even them to be afraid of drowning shows that they were enduring some heck of a storm!) But notice, while they were freaking out about the current events, Jesus was sleeping calmly on the lower level of the boat. And when they woke him, he was disappointed that they didn’t have enough faith in God during their time of trial. Then once He finished calming the storm and everything died down, they were in awe…like we are when the Lord answers our prayers in hard times.

Now notice in the beginning of the passage, Jesus got into the boat and His disciples followed Him. In other words, Jesus led them into the boat. In the same way, Jesus leads us today (decisions about our jobs, school, relationships, etc.) So it’s like Jesus was telling his Disciples, ‘I led you out here…did you really think I’d lead you out here just to drown?’  No wonder He asked “Where was your faith?”

We too get beaten down every day by the waves; the wind is blowing hard, trying to tip us over; and the boat is rocking every which way…and in it all, Jesus appears to be silent (as when He was sleeping). Yeah, it’s tough…but He didn’t bring us to this point so that nothing would happen. He didn’t bring us out here so that we’d fail and fall. He brought us out here so that we’d be strengthened, yeah, but mostly, so that He’d be glorified. And once we get through the storm, we’ll realize His part in it, drop to our knees, and glorify Him in awe, as the disciples did.

Notice also 1 Corinthians 10:13, which says, “No trial has overcome you that is not common to others…for God is faithful and will not let you be tested beyond your strength. But in the testing, He will show you the way out so that you may endure it.”

So what are the rain and wind in your life right now? What’s rocking your boat?  No matter how tough it is, give up your worries and fears to Jesus, and let HIM take care of it all…He led you in the boat, let Him now lead you to the shore on the other side.

And He’s not silent because He’s not doing anything, He’s silent because He IS.


  1. As for folks “freaking out about the current events” (or in Matthew 8, the rough water currents, in the disciples’ case), it’s often hard not to get sucked into various rotten current events in this world, but as I trust in Christ, I will always praise Him, because I’ve read the final page of His Word (Revelation 22)!

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