Is the Catholic List of Saints Missing Some Names?


Dear Pastor Andy, might the list of saints in the Catholic Bible be incomplete? Which other to consult to find the missing saint? I notice that the Saint Index is missing saints from the Gnostic Bible – I’m wondering where other lists of saints might be?

My Reply:
I’m not too familiar with the Catholic list of saints, nor with the Gnostic Bible nor Saint Index related to the Gnostic Bible. However, I would say that the list of saints is very incomplete, for the Apostle Paul said that all who are in Christ, are Saints. So your name and mine should be listed, too, as well as every Christian who lived and died from then until now. And according to Paul, it wasn’t just the “good Christians”, for he even called the believers in Corinth, “Saints” – and from the letter, we know that many of them would never be considered saints by the Catholic Church.

I actually have a theory about the Catholic’s method of naming people for “sainthood”, but won’t mention it until I do more research on the matter.

—Pastor Andy G.

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