CMI Victory Report from Sweden Metal Fest

Christian Metalheads International's booth at a Sweden metal festival

Last weekend, 3/4 of the leadership in CMI (Christian Metalheads International) went to Metallsvenskan 2015 for a Metal Bible outreach (a 2-day non-Christian heavy metal festival in Sweden. The lineup included Motorhead, Raised Fist, Blind Guardian, Behemoth, Candlemass, Powerwolf, The Krister Utseende, Corroded, and 13 others). They teamed up with Metal Sanctuary and several locals, including two rocking priests from Svenska Kyrkan (a Lutheran church).

This is their testimony about how God worked through my friends of CMI and touched the hearts of the Metal fans:

We went there to be available to God to minister to those we would meet. We had plenty of Metal Bibles with us, along with lots of Christian Metal CDs/LPs and merchandise from ours shops Metal Community and White Metal Shop in our booth.

When we had built the tent and put everything in place, we started the outreach by laying it all in God’s hands and praying that God would lead us and use us there to be a blessing and minister to those that would come to our booth. We celebrated the Lord’s Supper and proclaimed that our tent would be an oasis for the kingdom of God and prayed in Jesus’ mighty name that the evil forces would be bound and not be able to do anything against us or our booth.

When we gathered and had communion, suddenly, without warning, a blowing of a very violent wind came, and rain started falling! Then, maybe 15 minutes later, the wind just calmed down totally and the sun started shining. We took this as a confirmation that God was with us and had things under control.

Our booth this year was located just outside the entrance to the pub area and the toilets, which was good because then many had to pass our booth on the way to the pub or toilet.

As always, at Metal Bible outreaches, we put up signs with the text “Feel free take a Metal Bible”. Then those that were interested came to our booth and picked a copy of it.

The outreach went great and the interest for the Metal Bible and Christian Metal was much bigger this year than last year. Already the first day 130 Metal Bibles were distributed and we had several really good talks about faith!

During the day, several bands played, including the satanic band Behemoth, and we strongly felt an evil presence over the area when they played. Interestingly though was that during this time, hordes of metalheads left the Behemoth gig and came to our booth instead! They came to us to talk, take Metal Bibles and buy Christian Metal. I believe that they too felt the evil atmosphere when Behemoth played and wanted to get away from it, and therefore were drawn to our booth instead, because they felt that there was a totally different atmosphere (God’s presence) at our place.

After this successful first day, we then fell asleep with big smiles on our faces.

The next day, the weather was not good at all. It rained right from the start and then it kept raining THE WHOLE day, with some short pauses! Needless to say, huge parts of the festival area filled with mud and water. But God was there in the mud showing His presence. This day we also got many good talks about the Christian faith and many Metal Bibles were distributed.

During the festival a total of 363 Metal Bibles (360 Swedish + 2 English + 1 Russian) were distributed! Praise GOD!! Of these 363 copies, 50 of them were distributed to one of the restaurants in the festival area. They wanted to have them so their guests could take them! Wow, talk about cool doors that GOD opens!

The Bible teaches us to take up our cross daily and follow Jesus. (Luke 9:23) I think that the thick layer of mud that covered our boots and got on our pants and bags was the cross we carried on this festival! But it was definitely worth it, for we did this because we care for people and want them to find Christ, and in that perspective, all the mud and rain is just a small sacrifice that we gladly do for His kingdom.

Keep praying for all those who we met during the outreach. Pray that God will continue His work in them and work through the Metal Bibles and Christian Metal albums and merchandise they bought.

And last but not least, we want to give GOD all the glory for all the things that He did during the outreach!
We also really want to THANK all who have prayed for this outreach! Your prayers mean more than word can say.

In His Service
Johannes, Hulda and Henrik
CMI (Christian Metalheads International)

See more photos from their outreach

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  1. Revelation 4:5–“From the throne came flashes of lightning, and rumblings and peals of thunder, and before the throne were burning seven torches of fire, which are the seven spirits of God”. This may be what a Christian heavy metal concert is like! Praise God that the Spirit was at work at Christian Metalheads International!

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