A Deteriorated Moral Code

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Holiness Is NOT About Happiness (part 3)

You would think I had said enough about this (Part 2), but then I find some more research to back up my point (Part 1):

Barna Group did a study in August 2008 on how Young Adults and Liberals are struggling with issues of morality. I find the details and statistics interesting, but what I wanted to note was their summary, which I believe fits in line with my argument and point about my friend who says, “If she’s happy, I’m happy”, as well as the girl we were talking about.

A New Moral Code

According to George Barna, who directed the survey, the results reflect a significant shift in American life: “We are witnessing the development and acceptance of a new moral code in America,” said the researcher and author, who has been surveying national trends in faith and morality for more than a quarter-century. “Mosaics have had little exposure to traditional moral teaching and limited accountability for such behavior. The moral code began to disintegrate when the generation before them – the Baby Busters – pushed the limits that had been challenged by their parents – the Baby Boomers. The result is that without much fanfare or visible leadership, the U.S. has created a moral system based on convenience, feelings, and selfishness.”

“The consistent deterioration of the Bible as the source of moral truth has led to a nation where people have become independent judges of right and wrong, basing their choices on feelings and circumstances. It is not likely that America will return to a more traditional moral code until the nation experiences significant pain from its moral choices.”

I believe the appropriate passage to mention would be, taken from all throughout the book of Judges, “In those days, Israel had no king; everyone did as he saw fit.”

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