Did Jesus Screw Up?

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Dear Pastor Andy, why didn’t Jesus want the blind man in Mark 8:22-26 to tell anyone about his recent ‘miracle’? Was it because Jesus screwed up the ‘healing the blind’ trick the first time around (the blind man “saw men as trees”)? Was Jesus afraid of being labeled a cheap fraud, as he demonstrated here?

My Reply:
I’ve heard people preach about this and look at Jesus as failing to completely heal him, but that’s not the case at all. Look at what the man said: “I can see people, but they look like trees, walking.” Why did he see this? Who was the man looking at? Well, if he saw such, was he looking at Jesus, or was he looking at everyone else? He was looking at everyone else. So Jesus “tries” a 2nd time, then asks, “Can you see now?” The man looked intently and his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly.” But the reason that he can see clearly now is because this time, he’s looking at Jesus, not the other people. You see?

Now, why didn’t Jesus want the man to tell anybody? Well, for one thing, the Law of Moses says that when healed of an illness, to go immediately and show the high priest. Jesus wanted to keep everything in order. Now, if Jesus hadn’t told him to show himself to the High Priest, then it would be suggested that He was promoting disobedience to the Law, thus disqualifying Himself as Messiah. Second, in some incidents, when people went off and told everybody instead of obeying Jesus, scripture tells us that Jesus couldn’t do ministry there – it took their attention off anything He would say about the Kingdom of God, and onto ‘hey, show us another miracle!’

—Pastor Andy G.


  1. Plus, Jesus chooses to heal (or not heal) different people in different ways, per His good purposes. And we need to “seek FIRST His kingdom and His righteousness” (Matthew 6:33), not earthly things first and then Him later.

  2. It has been said, and I have heard this exposited upon, that when a person who has been blind for a prolonged period of time regains sight, some interesting things occur. Many folks experience a type of agnosia, wherein the brain is unable to distinguish one object from another; such as recognizing the difference between a spoon and a fork.

    So, PERHAPS, in this case, the blindman saw vertical objects moving around, assumed in context that they were people, but thought that they looked ‘tree-like”.

    Agnosia may persist for quite some time or days. (for a third party verification; see “recovery from Blindness”, Wikipedia). This is an understood medical phenomenon. Jesus’ second healing was then to cure his agnosia which prevented the blindman from fully enjoying his sight and being fully healed.

    This would be consistent with God tending to work within His normal physical parameters, which He has designed and setup as natural laws. Of course, God may break His own laws at any time. But, since He alone is God, He is able to operate as only He can.

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