Discerning Good from Evil?

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Dear Andy, why do Christians often have difficulty discerning good from evil? In the end, to the churchgoer, will Jesus say; ”depart from me you sinners, I never got a chance to know you?” Will it be a complete surprise?

My Reply:
In the Old Testament, we often read about God calling His people back to Him. Why? Because though God wanted them to be Holy, set apart from the other nations, they wanted to mix in and be like the other nations. This soon corrupted their thoughts, behaviors, and even worship of Him.

In Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians (as well as to all the other churches he wrote), the outside world’s culture was leaking into the Church. They were nobodies before entering the Church, and once they began gaining status, they began behaving as those outside the church.

If I’m understanding your question correctly, then yes, I agree that I too have come to notice many Christians today making the same mistakes as both groups mentioned. I mean, we’re called to be Holy, but so many “Christians” today want to fit in with the world – they don’t want to offend anybody with their faith, or exclude anybody, even though the scriptures say that many will be; they begin believing only the parts they want in the Bible; they judge God and pervert His grace with a cheap replica (by name only) and they no longer see the urgency, awesomeness, or even the importance of sharing the Gospel. And when you talk with them about how they see God, you notice that it’s completely different from that whom the Bible speaks of – like a homemade god in the image they prefer. And so therefore, they’ve fallen away from the Truth, causing them to have difficulties in discerning good from evil.

Will Jesus say “depart from me, evildoers, for I never knew you.”? Maybe, for Christianity is all about the relationship we have with God through Jesus Christ and becoming like Him. If they lost sight of Him and put their focus onto a false god or a false image of Christ, then such is a possibility. (Just because somebody looks like your best friend, doesn’t mean they even know who you are).

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