Does God Have Love Languages?

Job 2:12-14, describing some of God's attributes

If you don’t know what I mean by “Love Languages”, then I strongly suggest you read Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages“. Love languages are what need to be communicated to each of us in order to feel worth, or loved. Granted, Chapman’s written several books focusing on several types of people in several types of relationships, but I’m talking about the purple book he wrote that got the ball rolling.

Since reading the book, I have been able to recognize these particular gifts in people, for instance:
Words of Affirmation‘, ‘Quality Time‘, ‘Receiving Gifts‘, ‘Acts of service‘ (when we do things for them, they feel loved), and ‘Physical Touch‘. But I’ve also noticed some other languages that aren’t in the book. For example, my Italian grandmother enjoys cooking for people. When we compliment her, she acts as if it’s no big deal…even complains about something about it herself. But if we don’t want to eat her food, she feels rejected and closes up…so it has nothing to do with the words we say, but whether or not we receive her act of service. But since this title is already taken, I call it the language of service…she feels loved and worthy in her service to us. I’ve also noticed others with a similar type of gift. For instance, when we ask some people for help, they’re flaming with excitement to help, even going out of their way and bending over backwards. Some call this hospitality, others call it a savior role, obsession, or servanthood. I call it the language of necessity…they need to be needed and feel worth/loved when asked for help.

So I was thinking today, “What are God’s love languages?” Some may say “all of them”, but I have to wonder about that. Of course, it may also have to do with who your god is. But I am talking about the Lord; God of the Jews and Christians; God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob; Maker/Creator of everything that exists; The Lord God Almighty…so here’s what I think:  I think God’s love languages are “Quality Time“, “Service“, and “Necessity“. Here’s why:

One of the main differences between the Patriarchs and the rest of the people in the Old Testament is that the Patriarchs all had a relationship with God. Adam, Eve, their son who was lifted up, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, God’s prophets, Daniel…they often talked with God, walked with God, and made it a point to remain in vertical communication with God. There was a relationship there…Quality Time. And we know that a majority of God’s people didn’t have this relationship with God, for throughout the Bible we also read about God’s continuous request for them to “repent, come back to me, and I’ll dwell among you”….’we’ll be together.’ That’s why I believe that Quality Time is one of God’s love languages.

Service“: Jesus said in John 16:24: “Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” As long as it’s in Jesus’ name, He’ll give it to us (I’ll go into what it means to ask “in Jesus’ name” another time). God likes to give us things when we ask (please be careful not to abuse what I’m saying though). God likes to bless us, and so I believe that one of God’s other love languages is the language of Service.

Finally, “Necessity“. I think God needs (or at least wants) to be needed. Understand, I’m not saying that God needs us, for any Pastor or Theologian who’s strongly in the Word will tell you that He does not. But we do know that God is a Jealous God who becomes angry when His people turn to “other gods” besides Him. We also know from Ezekiel 33:11 that it’s not God’s desire that anyone shall perish, and that God cries out to His people all throughout the Old Testament to come back to Him and to realize how much they actually need Him. We also know that God wants us to ask Him for things. But notice also what lengths God went through to help us come to Him…to help us to be with Him…for God came down in the form of a man (fully God, fully human), lived among us, died with our sins laid on Him, and was resurrected so that we may be with Him. As a result, we may spend quality time with him, we may go straight to Him, we may be with Him forever, and all we have to do…is ask.

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