Dog Poop and Forgiveness

Our Beagle when he was in trouble

I think it’s really cool how God uses other people (or pets) to teach us more about Himself. Let me explain:

In June, 2010, my wife and I adopted our Beagle. We were never too much into Beagles (except for Snoopy), but this guy was different. Plus, we had been praying about adopting either a dog or cat for some time.

The first night, I took Comet out, but he never pooped. He marked his spot in a bunch of places and tried taking me around the neighborhood, but never pooped. So we returned home with the hopes that he would be quick to do so in the morning when my wife would take him out.

So the next morning, as my wife was about to get out of bed, she looked at where she was about to step (good thing, too), and saw a puddle/pile of runny dog poop. She called me in and we cleaned it up. But we weren’t mad at him, just disappointed. So while we were cleaning it up, our dog (Comet) was in the living room, freaking out! You could see it on his face and for the fact that his tail was between his legs, for he knew that he’d done something wrong. You could also feel it when you touched him. (It made me wonder how his former owners had treated him when he did this.). You can also see that he was disappointed in himself for doing this, and probably felt helpless about the situation in the first place. So my wife and I took turns embracing him, letting him know that he’s not in trouble, but that we needed to make sure that this doesn’t happen again…and that we forgive him.

I learned a little more that day about God’s forgiveness. He’s not happy when we sin, nor does He like the clean-up. But He knows the heart and recognizes when we’re truly sorry for and grieving our actions. Granted, dogs are not able to repent/apologize like we can and must, but either way, when we do come to God about it, instead of smacking us (as many would probably do with their dogs in similar situations), God embraces us, forgives us, and calms us, but also makes it a point to let us know that we (us together with Jesus ) need to make sure this doesn’t happen again.

So in terms of our dog, we decided that we would:

  • Try to feed him on a set schedule (earlier in the morning and earlier in the evening
  • Put him in his crate/cage at night
  • Experiment with other food brands and types

What are some ways that God has shown you His character, His forgiveness, grace, love, discipline, etc.?

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  1. Psalm 79:9–“Help us, O God of our salvation, for the glory of Your name; and deliver us, and provide atonement for our sins, for Your name’s sake!” When the Spirit convicts us, God does forgive us when we turn to Him, and gives us wisdom so we don’t continue to make the same mess, regardless of size, smell or shape (whether it looks nutty like a Zagnut nut roll or runny like your dog’s runny poop!)!

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