Max Lucado's "Facing Your Giants"

In “Facing your Giants”, Lucado helps us learn how to allow God to work with us and remind us of who we are to and in Him by relating everything to the story of David. For example, when David went up against Goliath, although everybody else focused on Goliath’s credentials, armor, size, etc., David’s focus was on God and God’s glory. He had no doubt that the Lord would bring victory against this “Pagan who mocks the Lord”. And in this, we learn that if we focus on the giants in our lives, we’ll lose to them, too. So instead, we need to keep our focus’ on the Lord. There’s a saying that Lucado uses throughout the book:

  • Focus on giants – you stumble.
  • Focus on God – Your giants tumble.

In the 2nd chapter, Lucado goes over the anointing of David as king. He explains that God sent Samuel to Bethlehem to anoint somebody new whom God has chosen, for even though Saul was still in office, God no longer considered him king. At the feast with the town’s elders and the family of Jessie, Jessie calls his sons in one at a time. Each one, Samuel thought the Lord had chosen, but God continued to turn them down. With all the eldest brothers present, Samuel asks about the 8th child. The word they used for David means not only “youngest”, but also lowest in status, or rank. David was the runt in the family…the little guy who wasn’t seen as much good for work, so they put him with the sheep. But then when David finally walks in, God says to Samuel, “Arise! Anoint him, for he’s the one I’ve chosen.”

We’re reminded that people look on the outside: the color of hair, chest, butt size, education, height, weight, bank account and salary, occupation, size of your house, color of skin, make of your car, type of clothes you wear…do you have a good face for TV or for radio? But God saw in David what nobody else took the time to notice – God saw “a God-seeking heart.” While others measure the outer appearance, God examines hearts, and “when He finds one set on Him, He calls it and claims it.” (p. 18)

I can’t really tell you much more about this great book without it becoming a source for cliff notes, so I’ll stop here by saying that if you’re dealing with giants in your life, or seeking justice, then “Facing Your Giants” by Max Lucado really is worth the read, for in it, Lucado will teach you not only how to face your giants, but also how to endure and/or conquer your fear of them.

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