Lee Strobel's "The Case for Christ"

In “The Case for Christ”, Lee Strobel did a great job of touching all the points of dotting all the I’s in his research for the Risen Christ. He began as a skeptical agnostic with lots of great arguments against the Bible, traditions, stories, quotes, ideas, and the such. He also didn’t upll any punches (respectfully) in his interviews with the scholars, not because he wanted to discredit them or their information, but as one seeking every possibility to either achieve the Truth or dismantle it.

I liked also how most of the scholars had already heard his arguments, for it shows that they too are up to date on what’s being asked.

The thing about Truth is that once it’s revealed, it demands a response from its listeners or readers. For Strobel, it was a closed case, and he believed the results of his findings so True that it changed his life forever!

If you have questions about Jesus Christ, the Christian faith, the possibilities of it being true, or just want a good book to read from a skeptic’s point of view, then I strongly suggest reading this book. But just as a fair warning, by the time you finish, it will demand a response.

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