Guy Greenfield's "The Wounded Minister"

One of the things that I liked most about reading Guy Greenfield’s “The Wounded Minister” is that his experiences were very similar to my own. When going through the pain of being forced out of what everybody originally recognized as God’s call for you, it’s often easy to talk with somebody who will listen, but most can’t relate. That’s what really caught my attention when I began reading this: “Finally! Somebody who understands and KNOWS what I’m talking about, because HE TOO has experienced it!”

Understand though, it’s not a book filled with whining and complaining, but of relating and learning to heal.

If you’ve been bullied, pushed out of position, mistreated by lay leaders, committees, other Pastors, or certain church members, regardless of where you are in the healing process, you really should read this book. He also suggests a model for churches to set into place in order to help prevent it from happening again, either to you or to other leaders.

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