Finding the Gold In Genealogy

Sign commemorating a fort that was once built there by one of my ancestors in 1780, Jacob Wolff

I have this genealogy program for my computer called “Legacy”. Sure I’m researching my own family, but today I wanted to do something different – record the genealogy from the Bible. Some time ago, I recorded onto paper the descendants from Adam to Jesus. I mean, I’ve got pages of paper taped together for charts, footnotes, and color-coding. But today, I finally took the time to digitize them.

Now I know how often times when we read the Bible, we get caught up in the genealogy passages. Just when you’re getting into an exciting story about a battle, you get to a half page of who’s the father of whom. Boooooring, right? But I’ll tell you, if really take the time to look at it all, you’re sure to find gold (or other interesting elements) in this information! For example, did you know that the longest living guy lived to be over 900 years old? He lived before Noah, and it wasn’t Adam!

Also, somewhere in there there’s:

  • A guy who married his step-mom
  • Some 1st cousins who wed
  • A brother and sister who married and had kids
  • 2 daughters who thought they were the last of humankind, so they got their dad drunk and procreated through him
  • I believe it was Aaron’s wife who was 2 generations younger than him
  • Judah, the guy through whom the Messiah would be born, who while mourning for his late wife, hired a prostitute, who was actually his daughter in law in disguise?
  • One brother killed another because he raped their sister (all kids of David)

And man, the connections between the families are mind-blowing…for instance, did you know that Esau married Ishmael’s daughter? That means that if Jacob had not tricked his dad Isaac for the blessing, thus giving it to Esau, Ishmael would have become the blessed child after all?

And finally, you may want to remember, um (snapping my fingers), what’s his name. No really, the Bible blocked his name out. See, in the old days, if somebody was to be completely destroyed, then not only were they killed, but their names were also blocked out of the history books…forgotten completely. So to this day he’s known as the “unnamed son”. So there was this guy…um….well anyway, he “cursed and blasphemed the Lord’s name”, and the Lord smite him. So you may want to keep in mind the next time you say the Lord’s name in vain, just how serious God was when He made it a commandment.

So the next time you come across the descendant-passages, write some down. They may just help you understand more about what’s actually going on.

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