I Had a God Experience One Night…

Back window of a Saturn (car) with the message, "You Need Jesus"

I would like to share a God experience with you. First, let me just start by saying that my car is not really mine – it’s God’s. I actually dedicated it to the Lord after buying it, as I drove it off the lot. Therefore, as God’s car, He uses it also for His ministry, and that includes the bumper stickers on there now and messages that I used to often paint on the back window with white shoe polish.

OK, so one evening, as I was driving home from youth group with a friend, I noticed that I needed gas. But because it was cold and rainy, and all I had on was my raincoat, which wasn’t very warm at all, I hoped that I could make it home on the gas I had. But as I came up to a gas station and debated stopping, I felt the Lord tell me to go in, and that if I was to drive by, He would just have me turn around and go back. So I pulled in.

I pulled up to one of the pumps in the middle island, and as I was waiting for my card to authorize, I saw the woman from inside coming out to me. Because it was taking so long for my card to authorize, I thought she was going to tell me that I can’t use my card on that pump and would have to either pay with cash, or go to a different pump. But instead, she walked up to me, looked at the back window of my car, which at the time read “You Need Jesus”, and asked, “Did somebody put you up to this?”

I said, “No…well, God did.”

She looked like she was in shock. When I asked if she was alright, she said that a lot of weird things have been happening lately, and I probably wouldn’t understand. I then mentioned that I’ve seen God do some pretty weird things, and asked if she would like to talk. She told me about everything that had been going on lately, that she prayed asking God for a sign, and to show Himself to her. She said, “All day today, God has been showing Himself to me…I’m going to stay at a halfway house for battered wives, a friend set me up with another job, so now I can work two jobs, and now ‘this’” (the message on the car).

I asked her if she would like to pray, but she declined. I saw the small crucifix hanging from her neck and asked, “Do you know God?” She said, “I do now! This is just amazing!” I asked, “Do you have a Bible?” (I often keep some extra Bibles in my trunk to give away). She replied that she did.

By now, the gas was done pumping, and she was beginning to walk back inside. I asked, “May I ask what your name is?”

She said, “Cathy”.

“I will pray for you tonight, Cathy.” She thanked me.

I put the pump back in its holder, got back into the car, and prayed with my friend for her there…and we talked about it some on the way home.

If I had not heard God’s voice, I would have driven past the gas station. HE told me to stop, as well as let me know that He would have me turn around if I decided to drive past it. Why is it significant that I parked at the middle island? Because each time that I had gone there in the past, I would usually park on the outside island…if I had done that this time, from where she was sitting, she would not have been able to see the car’s back window.

In John 10:27, Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice. I know them, and they follow me.” I believe God “speaks” to all His people in one form or another – it’s a relationship, you have to communicate in a relationship. To Moses, He spoke through a burning bush; to Israel, through prophets; to prophets, through visions and dreams; and face to face with Adam. Jesus promises to communicate with us today by the Holy Spirit, but we need to be listening in order to hear, and we have to be willing to respond in obedience when we do, regardless of how crazy it may sound.


  1. I was at the grocery one afternoon doing my usual head down, keep focused, stick to the list body posture. Seeing as how I only go down the isles that have the items on my list I was a bit confused when I ended up in an isle that had nothing I needed. What I felt was my body posture loosen up. Along with the sense that I was to look around.

    It was then I noticed an older woman looking a bit forlorn. She was wearing one of those who’s better Capt. Kirk or Capt. Picard Star Trek shirts. Without even thinking I stopped next to her and blurted out ” I like your shirt” Needless to say she looked at me like I had lost my mind.

    I explained “Your shirt asks who is better. I think it’s Kirk. My oldest son wouldn’t have the name Tyberius if it wasn’t for Kirk.” She looked down at her shirt and started laughing. She proceeds to tell me she initially thought there was a stain or something on her shirt and that I was making fun of it. And she completely forgot what shirt she had on. She told me she preferred Kirk as well and thought it was cool my son was named after him.

    I told her I didn’t mean to disrupt her shopping. And I would let her get back to it; said “have a blessed day” and started to walk away. She said thank you and too started to walk away. The next thing I hear is her voice very loudly at the end of the isle “Thanks for the laugh. I really needed it today.”

    This one brief and random engagement reminded me that at all times I am representing Jesus. HE reminded me that I could be the only kindness someone may encounter that entire day. Do I practice this 100% of the time, sadly no. When I’m not though, I do catch myself and remember who I represent, absolutely!

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