God Experience at a Free ApologetiX Concert (2006)

Event flyer for a free ApologetiX show in Morehead, KY on September 22, 2006

While in Kentucky, I helped found a Christian non-profit organization called A.C.T.I.V.A.T.E. (Adolescent Christians Together In Victory Against The Enemy). It was run by high school students from several churches, and guided by us adults, also from surrounding churches. We held free youth rallies at the end of each month, which consisted of free food, games, giveaways, a band, and a speaker who would share the Gospel and offer an altar call.

Well, one month in 2006, the Christian parody band, “The ApologetiX”, called me back and offered to play a free show, since they had to pass by our way on the way to one of their shows in Elnora, Indiana, anyway. They just asked that we pay for their gas! It was an awesome show, (you can read about it HERE).

So anyway, here’s something I typed up on September 20, 2006, 2 days before the show, and I would like to share with y’all:

“I’m so excited about this Friday’s ACTIVATE! We’re hosting the ApologetiX for a free show. Last night, after I got out of the gym, I noticed that I’d missed a call. A fellow was asking about the show (I’ve been getting phone calls from people all over the surrounding states who want and plan to come, families, youth ministries, long-time fans, etc.), and wanted to know how much tickets were, as well as if he needed to buy them in advance or whatever. So I called back and spoke with his daughter. He wasn’t available, so I left a message saying that it’s a free show, we’ll also have free food, just come as he is and have fun.”

“After the call, on the way home, I was talking with the Lord about how awesome this really is! I mean, yeah, we’re having a huge, national band come to play on their day off, simply for the sake of sharing the Gospel! But seriously, what ministry, for people to come from all around Kentucky and the surrounding states, to see a Christian band and hear the Gospel…for FREE, when they were willing to pay to come! Maybe I’m not expressing the awesomeness of this…I mean, man! ‘You don’t need to pay for anything! Everything’s free! Free show, free food, free admission, just come as you are, everybody’s welcome who wants to come.’ Doesn’t that sound like Jesus’ invitation right there? This isn’t just a show, it’s ministry! And I mean, I always knew that, but wow! This is really deep!”

“And it’s not like I did anything spectacular. I just contacted the band and relayed info back and forth between the band and ACTIVATE officials. This was all God’s doing! I wish you could understand the excitement I’ve been experiencing from this these past couple of weeks. God is just SO AWESOME, and I’m really blessed that He has allowed me to see His work with this.”

It really was an awesome show. Not only because of everything I mentioned above, but also because of many events that occurred before, during and after. For example, the forecast was talking about rain…this was going to be an outdoor show, so rain would have been really bad. But we prayed for no rain, I insisted to the band that it wouldn’t rain, and I continued to ask God not to make me a liar by me insisting such. Now understand, it was raining everywhere, EXCEPT where we were! We could even see the rain over the hills, and people were calling in from all around talking about how it was coming down in buckets where they were. I remember the surprise in one caller’s voice when I told him that I was looking at blue sky where we were. It was a smaller turnout than we’d expected (no doubt because of the surrounding rain), but it remained clear throughout the whole show. The Gospel was shared, everybody heard it, the ApologetiX rocked, and we all had a great time.

And to top off the night, while packing up, as soon as I locked up the last item in covered trailer, I felt a raindrop, then two, then several, and before I could get into my car, it was pouring!

The ApologetiX reported on all this, even calling me “Andy the Rainstopper”. But I think we all know who it was that really held back the rain. Praise be to God for His glorious love and power, for He holds back the weather. God really is just SO AWESOME, and I really am blessed and thankful that He allowed me to see His work with this.

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