God’s Meet and Greet?

Alien lands and shares positive experience with Jesus' arrival, then asks how we accepted Jesus when He came here.
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Dear Pastor Andy, why doesn’t God just schedule a nice meet and greet with humanity?

My Reply: Actually, He already did… through Jesus.

Originally, God’s people actually preferred that God speak to Moses, and then he just interpret to them everything God said. Basically, they said they were scared, but I wonder if maybe they also figured that if God spoke directly to them, then they’d have less argument when they didn’t want to do what He told them to do. So for thousands of years after that, God sent people – prophets – to talk with people, or to talk through. Reasons why people continued to reject God’s messengers are between them and God now, but they never treated them very nicely. For instance, many were stoned to death (threw heavy rocks at their heads until they were dead), some were stabbed, some burned, Isaiah was actually sawed in half! Their lives were always in danger by those who didn’t want to hear their messages from God.

But God’s plan was always to have a meet and greet, so to say, with humanity, and one day, after promising to do so, He finally did. He was born as a baby, lived the life of a child and young adult, experienced all the things we do (but grew up without sinning), and at the age of 30, he revealed Himself at the Jordan River when John the Baptist baptized Him. His whole 3 years of teaching was God’s meet and greet. A bunch of people met Him, talked with Him, listened and learned from Him, etc., but a bunch of other people didn’t want Him here. In fact, even though all the signs were in front of them, these people refused to even believe that He was God – even when He flat out admitted that He is! They so badly wanted Him gone that they brought up false accusations against Him and had Him killed.

God, came down from Heaven in human form, hosted a meet and greet for 33 years (I’ll bet you weren’t even suggesting for that long in your question, were you?), and the people that He’d put into leadership didn’t want Him around, so they had Him killed. Not very nice, were they?

It gets even more interesting though, because 3 days later, God the Father raised God the Son (Jesus) from the dead. For the next 40 days, He then showed Himself to over 500 people (The Apostle Paul said “at one time”), ate with His friends, continued His teaching, then went home (Heaven), promising to return one day.

Then, after all this, those who killed Him still continued to reject any teachings about Him, or even that He was in fact God (you want to talk about thick-headed!) But that’s why people many today, especially the Jews, continue to reject Jesus as the Messiah, because of these guys.

But those of us who accepted Him, know for a fact that Jesus was God in the flesh. Jesus even said that if they’ve seen Him, they’ve seen the Father. If they’ve gotten to know Him, then also the Father, for He and the Father are One.

So, like I said, God DID come and do a meet and greet with humanity. You may not have been there at that time, but you can still meet Him today by repenting of your sin and accepting Him today, which will also R.S.V.P. you for His next meet and greet.

—Pastor Andy G.

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  1. Matthew 16:4–“‘Only an evil, adulterous generation would demand a miraculous sign, but the only sign I will give them is the sign of Jonah’. Then Jesus left them and went away”. In some thick-headed people’s minds today, even if Jesus did a meet and greet with the fanciest high tech sales presentation or stage show production (let alone His miracles), they still wouldn’t believe. Jesus’ meet and greet is this: “If you confess with you mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved” (Romans 10:9).

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