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 I had originally posted this on Friday, June 22, 2007. After reading it again and remembering the experience, I couldn’t help but laugh. So I thought I’d share it with you. It was during the time when I was about to move back to Chicago from a small town in KY, and had to get rid of a lot of my stuff.

It’s always interesting when the Lord shows me something from His perspective…

The other day, I taped a note on the door to my young, college-aged neighbors next door, letting them know of all the neat stuff I had to give away. Keep in mind, these kids next door, for some reason, have always avoided me. I’ll say hello, and the guys will respond back, but the girls totally ignore me, even to the point of going inside when they see me arrive home…weird.

So anyway, I taped a note on their door letting them know I was moving and was giving away a ton of my stuff, if they’re interested. The next morning, I walk out to my car to find that it’s been egged! At first, I was pretty upset. Also, maybe I’ve been watching too much CSI lately, but all the clues point to those same neighbors. My thought was, “What the heck? I offer them these free gifts, and they respond by egging my car?” So as I was venting to the Lord, He threw something into my brain…”that’s what people have done, and continue to do, to Jesus.”

Jesus DIED for us, so that we don’t have to pay the debt that we can’t pay…and Jesus was resurrected for us, so that we may be with Him throughout all eternity…but we need to receive the gift from Him…He gives it freely…a FREE GIFT. But yet, instead of accepting it, or even responding with a simple “no thanks”, so many people have and continue to throw up their middle fingers, or “egg His car”. I’ve got a vision in my brain of when they were leading Him to His death…Jesus saying, “I’m doing this for you…I’m about to die, for you. Don’t you even care?” And in response, they spit on Him, beat Him, and nailed Him to a cross.

So my response to Him was, “Lord, how do you…hold back from retaliating…or even from wanting to?”  After talking and listening for a bit, I now see the egging differently:

  1. They’re kids (ages 18-19)…kids do these things in their young and stupid stages, and they’re definitely in that stage now.
  2. It’s not THAT bad…they only used 3 eggs. The one on the hood isn’t bad, I was able to clean up the one on the back window so I could see, and the one on my door handle? “Nice shot”, and it led me to praise God that I had the windows all the way up.
  3. “Battle wounds”. The car’s God’s car, and as such, it’s used as a ministry tool, and all of us in ministry have battle wounds.
  4. I was thinking about washing the car…so I also praise Jesus that I didn’t wash it the day before.
  5. It sort of adds character…(it’s something to laugh about).
  6. They could’ve slashed the tires, but they didn’t. They could’ve keyed the car, but they didn’t. They could’ve broken the windows or something else, but they didn’t. They could’ve done so much worse to it, but they didn’t…they just threw eggs at it.
  7. I take it as a “sending off”. They could’ve done this ANYTIME, but they chose to do it when they hear that I’m leaving. Thanks guys.

Jesus changed my whole attitude about the whole thing. From anger towards them and the sudden feeling of insecurity, to love and laughter. Now, I’m not saying that the Lord laughs when people reject Him. But the understanding I got was that His response is in love towards them. Yeah, Jesus could zap them if He wanted, and yeah, I could retaliate if I really wanted, but that’s not in either of our characters…and it would be reacting out of anger and feelings of rejection…not love.

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