Trouble Getting Some Good Sleep

Shark swimming in Ocean

What a bad night for sleep! The weather was nice, the company (my wife) was awesome, nothing was going wrong with the apartment…it’s just that I was getting attacked all night in my sleep. No, I’m not talking about those little flying vampires that many call mosquitoes, I’m talking about demons…real demons…fallen angels that have waged war against God’s people. Let me explain:

It started with a dream where I was walking by an ocean, feeling safe. I recalled saying that I no longer have anything to fear, also not in the ocean. Just then, I was reminded of sharks. Suddenly, I saw a couple sharks in the distant, but near vicinity to me, each becoming closer…and a strong feeling of fear overtake me (weird, since I was on the shore, and the sharks were in the water). My heart began beating faster, even as I recognized it to be a spiritual attack, and began calling out Jesus’ name. But the fear continued to beat down on me. Suddenly I heard a door open, but it was one like those glass doors you might see on a house in Florida (some of my relatives have these doors…brass handle, sort of heavy, interesting sound when it opens and closes). So here I was, trying to remember if we have any doors like that, but I couldn’t open my eyes to see, and along with the fear, I was hit also with confusion. Just then, I felt a sharp pain in my heart and woke up. With that sharp pain still in my heart, I woke up my wife to pray with me for protection as we sleep. But for some reason, even after we prayed, the nightmares and attacks continued, though not about sharks anymore, but now mostly about ancient Chinese warriors: some alive and invincible, others dead and haunting. And after each dream, I would wake up, cry out Jesus’ name, then return to sleep where I would get attacked again. This all continued until sometime after 1:00 AM, when I finally decided to catch up on my Bible study in Matthew.

Here’s the thing: Nightmares are or could often be attacks from demons. We also need to remember that when it comes to demons, they are all pure evil. There is no such thing as a demon who cares about or will protect humans (I don’t care what your beliefs are…there is no such thing)…there is no such thing as a Casper or “friendly ghost”. Also, as many of us take some time to become as upset as this last demon, we need to remember that since they have no good in them, they are already at their breaking points…there is nothing holding them conscience, no morals, no concern…because they are fully evil and very violent.

I think that the confusing part for me was that, due to my new job and responsibilities at the time of these dreams, I had actually slacked off from my Bible study some. Demons usually only attack me when I become a threat (granted, I’m always a threat, but just their attacking me informs me that I’m doing something right, for I’ve become a blip on their radars).

One of the things in my Bible study in Matthew 21 was that the Chief Priests and Elders questioned by what authority Jesus was performing His great wonders. We need to also remember that Jesus is God (God the Son), and His authority is from God the Father. And as children of God (those of us with the Holy Spirit inside us), we too have the authority of God to cast them off. As demons attack, they will try to convince you otherwise, even causing you to become confused (yeah, they can do that). But when Jesus was tempted by Satan, Jesus used scripture to gain the upper hand. We need to do the same, for it reminds us of who we are, whose we are, the authority we have in Christ, and it clears up our confusion during the attacks.

So how did I finally get some sleep? I figured that it would be the best time to catch up on my Bible study. Just as I was finishing up, my wife also woke up from a nightmare (spiritual attack). So we prayed again, asking Jesus to drench us in His blood (for protection), and to post His angels around us so we may sleep. I know He did, and praise the Lord, we both finished the morning with some good sleep. My dreams were still weird, but not nightmares, and they kept me interested until I woke up.

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