How Many Hours Should I Read My Bible?

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Dear Pastor Andy, how many hours a day should I read my Bible?

My Reply: Instead of a time limit, I’d suggest picking a book in the Bible and reading through it, but reading only 1 chapter a day.

Pray before and after you read, take notes, highlight stuff in the Bible that stood out to you, and write stuff down on paper. If you need some help to dig deeper in your study, I’ve posted some formats on one of my other websites to help you. There are 2 types:

  1. Ground Work
  2. Hang-Time

Ground Work forces you to go deeper into the scriptures, dissecting them as you would in biology.   You’ll start off with a section to summarize the chapter, giving it a title (what you would call it), cross-referencing, problems or misunderstandings that you found in the passage, additional notes, and personal application.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself filling in several parts of the study at a time or out of order.  Like I said, it’s a little deeper, and may involve multi-tasking or bouncing around.  But when you’re done, you’ll realize how much deeper you’ve dug into the scriptures, versus if you you had just read them.

Hang-Time is a journal-based study.  It gives you a place for the date and scripture passage, but is more for the person who wants to read it straight through, then write their thoughts on what they just read.

Feel free to look around also, as I’ve posted many free Bible Study helps and ministry resources all throughout the website.

—Pastor Andy G.

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