How do You Evangelize?

Pastor Andy G. talking with 3 guys dressed as Flash at 2013's C2E2

Dear Pastor Andy, how do you evangelize? What are some ways that you like to evangelize? I really love to tell people about the Lord and want everyone I see to be saved. Does everyone have this passion, or is it hard for you when God says GO, tell that person about me?

My Reply:
One of the best ways that I’ve found to witness to people is something called “Relational Evangelism” or “Friendship Evangelism”. In other words, take the time to get to know people, let them get to know you, and form genuine friendships. Tradition has it that Francis of Assisi once said “Evangelize always. And if you have to, use words.” In other words, let your Christian life and love for Jesus radiate and speak for you.

Often times, it’s when people see us during our low and rough times, and how we endure them that makes the biggest impact in our witness. I mean, it’s one thing to say that somebody needs Jesus in their hard times, but it’s another thing to set the example of relying on and trusting Jesus in those hard times. Remember also, you’re witnessing not only to bring them to salvation in Jesus, but also to create disciples of Jesus, and Christian siblings.

A second way to evangelize is to start up a small group or Bible study among your peers. I once read of a guy who invited peers in his college dorm to come over one night a week and talk about God – anything about God. They would bring their thoughts and theories, all on equal level, then towards the end, the host would read what the Bible says about God.

I have seen people stand on the street corners passing out flyers, but unless you break the motion and actually engage in a conversation, you’re probably not going to reach them genuinely. That’s what I’ve noticed most of the time. Seeing the flyers in the garbage or on the ground also showed this.

A fourth way that I can think of, especially for introverts or people better at typing than talking, is to jump into forums and chat rooms, and places like Yahoo Answers, where they can answer people’s questions about God.

—Pastor Andy G.

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