What if Jesus wasn’t Raised?


Dear Pastor Andy, if everything in the Bible was true, except the resurrection of Christ, would you still be a Christian? Some theologians say that the resurrection could be allegoric.

My Reply:
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is what makes us Christians. But you know, that’s a good question, because if Jesus had not been raised from the dead, yet said that He would be, then theologically-speaking, He wouldn’t (couldn’t) be God. However, His teachings and miracles would still amount to something, as well as His prophecies, so He would probably still be recognized as a prophet (just as the Muslims reject Jesus’ death and resurrection, so they only claim Him as a prophet). So that then would make sense.

However, people who followed after Elijah (a great prophet) weren’t called “Elijans” or anything like that, so I suppose then that we wouldn’t be called “Christians”, since Jesus then would never have taken on the Messianic title. Maybe some would call themselves “Yeshuans” (Yeshua –> Joshua –> “Yay-soos” –> Jesus), but the whole point would be to continue in the ways that they were going, only Jesus’ teachings would be seen as a guide like that of the previous prophets, like a ball that rolls and begins to curve, then Jesus comes and taps it back on course.

So in that case, I suppose that I’d probably be a Jew, if not by heritage, then by conversion (although, I do have some Jews in my ancestry, so maybe everybody would have remained Jewish?) Although, I’m the kind of person who would want to go at it correctly, loving God and obeying Him as He requires of me, so I wouldn’t be like the Jews of today (who are actually more similar to the Israelites before the Babylonian takeover), nor an Orthodox Jew (who changed their theology yet claim they follow the original ways correctly). I’d probably look into following the faith of the Israelites (before the Babylonian takeover) in the way they were supposed to follow, adding in Jesus’ teachings, but then only to continue to fail, as everybody before being freed from the Law did, also.

But Jesus was raised from the dead, and I am a Christian, and I praise the Lord for His mercy and grace, freeing us from the constant failing of obeying the Law. Thank God for raising Jesus, proving that Jesus is God the Son, giving Him the Messianic title, and giving us the opportunity to not only love Him back, but to be cleansed of our sins, to live for Him without the constant fear of failure, and actually being invited by God personally to spend this life and the rest of eternity with Him, should we accept His free invitation.

Also, keep in mind that a Theologian is simply one who studies God – they don’t have to be a Christian, nor do they even have to believe in God (look at people who study Greek Mythology, for instance). That would explain their denial of Jesus’ resurrection. It would also make them fools, for even people who opposed Jesus as the Messiah in His time, could not deny (and did not deny) the resurrection. Therefore, don’t believe everything a Theologian says.

—Pastor Andy G.

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  1. Luke 24:7–“(Jesus says) The Son of Man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men and be crucified and on the third day rise”. If Jesus says so, that’s good enough and we should take the Word at His Word (like you said, don’t believe everything that a theologian says). And since Jesus was raised, praise Jesus that He has set us free, and that we are free to love Him without constant fear (Galatians 5:1–“For freedom Christ has set us free”).

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