Are Religious People’s IQ’s Lower?

IQ chart showing Einstein's IQ as 160+

Dear Pastor Andy, why do you suppose the lower one’s IQ score is, the more likely that individual is to say that religion is important?

My Reply: I’ve actually heard this theory, but many genius’ have accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord. Unfortunately, it may have just taken some of them a little longer.

But for the sake of the question:
The Apostle Paul talked about this in 1 Corinthians (first 3 chapters). When Paul went to Athens, he talked with the philosophers and shared the gospel with them. They recognized his message as different from the rest, and invited him to a meeting of the Areopagus, which was basically the stadium for deep thinkers and talkers to gather and share their thoughts.

As Paul shared his message, they absorbed everything…until he got to Jesus’ resurrection. They said it was “foolish”.
Interesting, isn’t it? They were willing to believe everything up until that point. Once Paul got to the resurrection, these men with supposedly high IQs suddenly couldn’t wrap their minds around the resurrection.

The Jewish teachers of Law also didn’t believe the message. They thought Jesus was weak because they were able to kill Him. But what they couldn’t understand was that Jesus wasn’t weak because they killed Him, but strong beyond measure because He LET them kill Him. Once again, the Truth was opposed by those who thought they were smart (or who had higher IQs).

The gospel is really quite simple though, and may be recognized quicker by those of lower IQs. We sin, we die. Jesus intervened so that we may not die but live with Him eternally in paradise. Our sin and opposition nailed Him to the cross, His love for us raised Him from the dead, now all who accept His most generous gift will be saved from eternal death. Simple, isn’t it?

But many with supposed higher IQs think it’s too simple…there must be more to it, and they’re not willing to believe its simplicity. Pretty dumb, huh?

—Pastor Andy G.

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