Is it Disrespectful to call Jesus your Friend?

4 guys in a picture, Jesus edited in

Dear Pastor Andy, isn’t it sort of disrespectful to call Jesus your “friend?”? I don’t see how the Bible tells people that Jesus is supposed to be your friend. You’re supposed to fear and respect him and stuff.

My Reply: Actually, calling Jesus our friend didn’t come from us, but from Jesus Himself. If you’ll look at John 15:13, you’ll read that Jesus actually tells His disciples that He now calls them His friends. Then Jesus explains what it means to be friends, and puts it into the context of love and loving Him.

We also know that God walked with Adam and Eve in the Garden, and that He also remained in their presence, even after He kicked them out (for Cain said that his punishment to be cast out of God’s presence was too much).

The patriarchs, prophets, and David all had a close relationship friendship with God. They were also in great awe of Him, but there was definitely an intimacy between them and Him.

And finally, when you look at it, awe, respect, honor, trust…aren’t those also characteristics of a good, healthy friendship or intimate relationship?

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