What were King Solomon’s Mistakes?

An ancient fertility goddess

Dear Pastor Andy, what were some of the choices King Solomon made that hurt his friendship with God?

My Reply:

For a guy that was revered as the wisest to have ever lived, Solomon made a bunch of mistakes! Wow, where to start? Let’s see:

  1. Marrying foreign wives (he married a bunch of women as political treaties with their fathers).
  2. Treaties with nations that the Lord commanded Israel to wipe out.
  3. Allowing the worship of idols and other “gods” (those of his wives’) to even exist
  4. Worshiping of these idols / other “gods” himself (such as this fertility goddess above)
  5. Being very harsh with the people under him (1 Kings 12:10-11)
  6. Bad money management
    …just to name a few.

For more on this, check out my blog post, “How can the Wise be so Stupid?”.

—Pastor Andy G.

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