Ultimate Life and Death Questions

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Dear Pastor Andy, I have some ultimate life and death questions: 

  1. What is the point of human existence?
  2. Who decides where we go and when?
  3. Where are our souls (please don’t say ‘INSIDE US’)
  4. Why are we here?

My Reply:
1) What’s the point of human existence? I believe that it’s to glorify God and live knowing Him. We can live knowing who He is, but that’s different. I’m talking about the type of close, intimate relationship with him that Noah and Abraham had with Him, as well as what the Disciples had with Him when He was present in the flesh (Jesus Christ). For if you’ll look at the Hebrew text, you’ll see bunches of places where God cried out to His people through prophets, urging them to turn from their evil ways, return to Him, and He will be their God and they’ll be His people. Of course, you’ll notice that a great number of people haven’t heeded His call, but instead continued in their sinful ways, rejecting Him in every manner. But then there are those of us who have turned to Him and walk with Him as He’s promised to do. And as a result, we not only exist for His purpose in this life, but will also in the next.

2) Who decides where we go and when? That depends on whose you are – if you belong to the Lord, then He guides you, and your desires relate to my answer for #1. If you belong to yourself (sin), then I suppose it would be your own desires that guide you. But then, if you’re talking about where we go when we die, we also decide on where we go…will we go to be with the Lord, or not? And the deciding factor for that is whether you accept Christ in this life or not.
As for “when”? I don’t fully know that one. As a Christian, I figure I’ll go when my work here is done and God wants me home.

3) Where are our souls? In the Bible, we learn that our “souls” are actually part of our physical bodies, for when we die, our “souls” will go to be with the Lord, but one day, our bodies will be transformed and resurrected, as Jesus’ was.
The Scriptures also command us not to drink blood, for it’s the life source of the animal (or something like that). In communion (Eucharist), Jesus made it a point to instruct us to partake in both His body and His blood. So is it in our blood? Is it in our brains? The point is that it’s connected to the body, not separate.

4) Why are we here? Genesis tells us that we were created to take care of the earth, be masters over the animals, and commune with God. I’m willing to believe that there’s more to that. Otherwise, why would He have planned out all these events between humans and Him? Why would He choose one group of people (Israelites)? Why would He come, teach, allow Himself to be killed, and be raised 3 days later for our salvation and freedom from the sin that exploded into creation from the beginning? Why would He command us to go and tell everybody about this free gift of salvation? etc. if the only reason we’re here is to tend the land? It doesn’t make any sense. There has to be more, and I believe there is.

So in summary, I believe that the whole purpose of us being here is to know, love, and experience an intimate relationship with God now and for all eternity (should we choose to have one now). However, there are many more questions that come along with these, many of which we may never know or understand, and some of which I’m sure will be revealed to us in due time. But the whole purpose of us even being created is for God. To Him alone be the glory! Amen!

—Pastor Andy G.

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  1. First John 2:6–“Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did”. Before we believers live with Jesus for all eternity, I think 1 Peter 4 describes how to live as Jesus did, before “the end of all things”.

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