Is Your Pastor Tuned in to God?

Dear Pastor Andy, how do you know if your Pastor is tuned in to God?

My Reply:
How to tell that your Pastor is tuned to God? Well, the Bible tells us to test the spirit of the person sharing the message. If their message is in sync with the scriptures, then chances are, they’re tuned in to God. But if they continue to preach about a book that they’d written, or unproven theories, or that their message is just not in sync with the scriptures, then I would suggest you begin to search for a new church.

Another way to test the spirit is to watch their behaviors and how they (we) respond in times of trials and tragedies. For instance, I notice that my ministry always seems to get deeper, or better when I’m suffering. I’ve noticed this also among many other Pastors. Then there are those who fall away in tough times. Understand, it’s one thing to question God’s intentions and vent out at Him, it’s another thing to fall away from Him in such times. Do you understand?

So if they behave like people who don’t know Jesus well, either in good times and in bad, then you know they’re not tuned in to God, and what that means for you may take some time in prayer. But now if they do behave like people who know Jesus well, then you may do well if you stick with your church.

(Oh, and for the record, yes, my Pastor IS tuned into God).

—Pastor Andy G.

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