The Power of Encouragement

James 3:26-27

Can You Go 1 Day Without Cutting Somebody Down?

What is it about cutting down friends that’s supposed to be fun? We went over this in a youth group I Pastored some years ago, and came to the conclusion that as Christians, we should be encouraging one another, not cutting each other down (or even teasing!). Last I heard, Christians were called to be different – we’re supposed to stand out among those who don’t know Christ. How can we do that if we behave just like everybody else, even just with our friends?

There’s power in discouragement, and power in encouragement. Whichever you use, it’s sure to be a deciding factor, not only on that person’s day, but depending on the situation, maybe even that person’s life from then on.

So I challenge everyone who reads this to go a day, a single day, without criticizing, teasing, or cutting down…anybody. Instead, think of something encouraging to say to them. If they drop the ball in a game, instead of getting ticked off, say something encouraging. If a goal is scored on them, boost them up for the next round.

I challenge you…1 day. Then share on here how you did.

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