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What is Atonement?
A Younger Pastor Andy G flashing the "I Love You" sign

When talking about the similarities of the Old and New Testaments, we need to understand that there is no “plan B”; the New Testament is still ‘plan A’ – God’s covenant with Israel did worked;…

Shake the Dust Off Your Feet
Dusty Shoes

I loved doing this study, for there’s so much information here, as well as a lot of misunderstandings and lots of information missing in Jesus’ instruction: Mark 6:11 = And if any…

Holiness Is NOT About Happiness (part 1)
An old picture of me giving a Peace sign

While catching up with a friend one day, I’d learned news of a young lady whom we both knew. Throughout her life, men had let her down: First her dad,…

What Does It Mean To Truly Deny Yourself?
Andy Collage

A little while ago, I was in reading in Matthew 16:24–28 about what Jesus said it would take to follow Him as His disciple. The scriptures say: “If any want…

1 Loaf, 1 Cup, 1 Body
Communion elements

The first Sunday of every month is a day of celebration and excitement for me. Why?  Because it’s the day when most churches partake in Communion, a.k.a., “Eucharist”.  Although I’m…

Watered Down
album cover to 90's Chicago metal band, "5.0"

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but while I was attending seminary, I also DJ’d at a (secular) heavy metal station called “Rebel Radio”. Rebel Radio is…

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