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How Do We Know the Jews were Slaves in Egypt?
wall carving of men working as slaves

Dear Pastor Andy, there is no record of Egyptians having the Jews as slaves and that there is no record of plagues! During the Roman Empire, only 10% of people could…

Do you believe in Genesis and Creation?
sign: "God Created Everything"

Dear Pastor Andy, do you believe in Genesis and Creation? I just want to know if you do, and why if you do or don’t. My Reply: Yes, I do…

What was the Mark of Cain
Genealogy of Adam through Noah

Dear Pastor Andy, what was the mark that God put on Cain in Genesis 4:15?  Was it a tattoo? My Reply: Sorry, but nobody knows what the mark of Cain…

What are Christians’ Views on Cavemen and Dinosaurs?
Dinosaur display at Brookfield Zoo

Dear Pastor Andy, do Christians think cavemen, dinosaurs, and other prehistoric creatures existed? I wonder, since obviously most don’t believe in evolution, how fossils of such creatures are explained? Especially…

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