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Is the Bible Truly Difficult to Understand?
A brown Bible Jigsaw Puzzle

Dear Pastor Andy, when having discussions with different people about the Bible, I hear people say things like, “our human brains are too small to truly understand what God means.”…

What’s the Meaning of “Begotten” in John 3:16?
Graffiti says "Jesus"

Dear Pastor Andy, what does “begotten” mean in John 3:16? I promise I’m not trying to be antagonistic, I really want to understand your point of view. I come from…

What Does It Mean To Truly Deny Yourself?
Andy Collage

A little while ago, I was in reading in Matthew 16:24–28 about what Jesus said it would take to follow Him as His disciple. The scriptures say: “If any want…

What About Those People On Deserted Islands?
Island from a distance

I feel the need to apologize for an answer I gave for a common question. The question was “what about those in on deserted islands who haven’t heard the Gospel?”…

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