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Best Way to Evangelize?
blue screen: 2 Timothy 4:2-3

Dear Pastor Andy, which do you think is a better way to evangelize: witnessing, or reading scriptures to a non-believer? I think witnessing is by far better. My Reply: Which…

How do You Evangelize?
Pastor Andy G. talking with 3 guys dressed as Flash at 2013's C2E2

Dear Pastor Andy, how do you evangelize? What are some ways that you like to evangelize? I really love to tell people about the Lord and want everyone I see…

My Friend Thinks She’s Too Smart for God
1 Corinthians 1:18-22

Dear Pastor Andy, I have a friend, and she doesn’t believe in Christ or any of that – she never did. She says she’s “too smart” and has thought up…

Shake the Dust Off Your Feet
Dusty Shoes

I loved doing this study, for there’s so much information here, as well as a lot of misunderstandings and lots of information missing in Jesus’ instruction: Mark 6:11 = And if any…

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