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The Importance of Choosing Unity Through Love
Heart in hands

Written by Guest Blogger, Jimmy Humphries: Right now, we are in the days of insecurity which are affecting this nation’s unity and the unity of its people. No matter what…

Real Love is Hard Work
"We Love the Lord!!" encircled with a heart

Everybody seems to talk so freely about “love”. I love pizza. I love my dog. I love driving fast. I love… And from youth, I’ll always hear about some boy…

Does God Really Love Everyone?
1 John 4:16

Dear Pastor Andy, where in John 3:16 does it say that God loves every inhabitant to have ever lived on earth? John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he…

For Your Eyes Only
A photographer pointing her camera at you

You know how on Facebook, they have those “people you may know” suggestions on the right side? The other day I had a repeat of one and figured I’d see who they…

Abuse of God’s Grace
Peanuts' Lucy at her booth selling grace for cheap

Back in 2007, while searching for the church to where the Lord would call me next, I was having a conversation with a Pastor of a church in Las Vegas…

Dog Poop and Forgiveness
Our Beagle when he was in trouble

I think it’s really cool how God uses other people (or pets) to teach us more about Himself. Let me explain: In June, 2010, my wife and I adopted our…

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