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Aren’t All Religions False?
Christian fish symbol swimming among evolutionist fish

Dear Pastor Andy, all religions…are they true, or are they false? What is the possibility that everyone’s outcome (after death) relies only on their own views. Possibly, there is no…

What Is Lent Really About?
An ash cross on the forehead for Lent

You may have noticed people walking around yesterday with black marks on their foreheads. That’s because yesterday was Ash Wednesday…and also the beginning of Lent. What is Lent, anyway? Well,…

Holiness Is NOT About Happiness (part 1)
An old picture of me giving a Peace sign

While catching up with a friend one day, I’d learned news of a young lady whom we both knew. Throughout her life, men had let her down: First her dad,…

Christianity As A Choice
little boy (untouchables) from India with "Jesus Loves Me" written on an umbrella

Dear Pastor Andy, why do people have the necessity to spread their beliefs? Some religious people (some, not all) are always looking to persuade people to join their religion. Shouldn’t your…

I Believe, but I Also Doubt
friend with question marks, showing his doubt about something

Dear Pastor Andy, what is it called if you believe there is a God, but don’t attend church (because the ones in my town are nothing more than popularity contests), and…

Watered Down
album cover to 90's Chicago metal band, "5.0"

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but while I was attending seminary, I also DJ’d at a (secular) heavy metal station called “Rebel Radio”. Rebel Radio is…

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