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Who Am I Saying That I Am?
name tag sticker: "HELLO my name is" - Andy

Mark 2:1-12 (part 1) OK, so Jesus returns to Capernaum. News of His arrival spread quickly throughout the town, so quickly that within no time, the house where He was…

Who is Jesus?
"Jesus" on the beach with 2 children

If I asked you who Jesus is, what would you say? He’s God’s one and only Son; Jesus is Lord; The Messiah…It is good to see you remember what you…

Who Is Jesus?
Wanted ad for Jesus

If I was to ask you about, say, your spouse, boy/girlfriend, best friend, parent, or relative, how would you describe them? For example, if I was to look at one…

Holiness Is NOT About Happiness (part 2): “Falling Into Sin”
Romans 1:32

As I was reading through scripture to find material for my sermon/speech, I came across a certain part of Romans. I could just mention the main part, but I think…

Holiness Is NOT About Happiness (part 1)
An old picture of me giving a Peace sign

While catching up with a friend one day, I’d learned news of a young lady whom we both knew. Throughout her life, men had let her down: First her dad,…

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