Take You Back

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After our wedding, my wife and I spent a 4-month honeymoon down in Florida among family.  And since times down there were slow in the job search, we had ample time to spend at the assisted living facility with our Grandma, whom we rarely get see otherwise.  We were hesitant at first, for it was an hour drive, but soon we were talking on the phone every week, and visiting every other.

After moving to Virginia, we agreed to call Grandma every Sunday.  But as our weeks became busier, our calls soon became less frequent, sometimes only once a month. We’d keep saying, “We need to call Grandma,” and “let’s call Grandma tonight,” but plans don’t always come to pass as we’d like.

But then, the other day, Grandma called us!  We put her on speaker phone so we could all talk together, almost as it was when we were sitting next to her playing Scrabble.  And at the end of our conversation, she reminded us that we may call her any evening and/or weekend, and we agreed that we need to call her more often.

Frequent communication is needed for a strong relationship, whether it’s among friends, family, or God.  When we let schedules and fatigue get in the way, we begin to long for that fellowship.  But when to find the time?

One night, I’d noticed that it had been a couple weeks since the Lord and I had had a good quiet time together.  I mean, I’d pray and talk with Him several times a day, and He’d communicate to me ideas for devotions and lessons, but that’s “business”…we needed time to actually sit, talk, and listen.  As I brushed my teeth that evening, I said, “Lord, I’m really tired…we can have a quiet time tomorrow.”  But He didn’t want to wait until tomorrow, so He pulled me, much like a child who wants so badly to show you something, and I followed.  It was really great talking with Him like that, and much needed.  And when I got up to sleep, I was reminded that we need to do this more often.  But our conversation wasn’t finished, for in the morning, He put the song “Take You Back” by Jeremy Camp, in my brain, and caused me to get stuck on a few verses.  I’d like to share the lyrics of this song with you:

The reason why I stand, the answer lies in you.
You hung to make me strong, though my praise was few.
When I fall I bring your name down, but I have found in you, a heart that bleeds forgiveness, replacing all these thoughts of painful memories.  But I know that your response will always be:

“I’ll take you back always
Even when your fight is over now (x2)
I’ll take you back always
Even when the pain is coming through (x2)
I’ll take you back”

You satisfy this cry of what I’m looking for.
And I’ll take all I can, and lay it down before, the throne of endless grace now, that radiates what’s true.
I’m in the only place that, erases all these faults that have overtaken me…but I know that your response will always be:

“I’ll take you back always
Even when your fight is over now(x2)
I’ll take you back always
Even when the pain is coming through(x2)
I’ll take you back”

I can only speak with a grateful heart as I’m pierced by this gift of your love.
I will always bring an offering.  I can never thank you enough!

You take me back always
Even when my fight is over now (x2)
You take me back always
Even when my pain is coming through(x2)
You take me back (repeat these 5 lines twice) 

It’s not hard to take for granted that Jesus will always take us back, nor is it difficult to take His grace for granted, but when we don’t spend that quality time with Him regularly, painful memories and dwellings will only continue to distance us from the One who can grant us the needed freedom…even as we’re fighting, and even as we hurt, we must allow Him to erase and replace that which is distancing us from Him…for regardless of anything, we need to know that Jesus will always take us back.

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  1. Hebrews 8:12–“And I will forgive their wickedness, and I will never again remember their sins”. Kinda reflects the lyric about erasing all these faults, from that song “I’ll Take You Back”. This applies if you have a relationship with our Lord, but for those who don’t, seek Him while you can, for there will be a time when He won’t “take you” at all, and it’ll be too late (Luke 13:24-25–“Work hard to enter the narrow door to God’s Kingdom, for many will try to enter but will fail. When the master of the house has locked the door, it will be too late”).

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