The Absence of God

Demon supposedly in a frozen over hell, keeping warm by a fire

Dear Pastor Andy, is cold the absence of Heat, like Atheists are the absence of God?

My Reply: Atheists are not the absence of God, for God is everywhere. One Psalmist wrote that no matter where we go, even to the deepest depths of the earth, we can’t escape the presence of the Lord.

Now Atheism, on the other hand, is the absence of believing in God’s existence. However, just because you don’t believe that God exists, doesn’t mean He doesn’t; and just because you don’t believe God’s not present, doesn’t mean He’s not.

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  1. Peace is not the absence of trouble. Light is not the absence of darkness. Everything positive is not the absence of the negative. For too long Christianity has been see a negative light: no smoking, no drinking, no swearing, no enjoying life. Christ came to give us a superabundant overflowing life. Let that life be seen in those who call themselves by his name.

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