What Is the Christian View of Sex?

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Dear Pastor Andy, please explain to me the Christian argument for chastity. Also, is Christianity pro-body and pro-sex, and please argue that.

My Reply:
According to the Bible:

  1. God created us as sexual beings.
  2. God introduced marriage to us with the first 2 humans (He brought the woman to Adam, as a father does his daughter today, bone of my bone etc. is known as wedding vows, Adam only had 1 wife).
  3. God told His early creation to subdue the earth and multiply

So sex is in fact Biblically-supported. However, for the sake of chastity, sex was created and is meant to be within the relationship of a married couple, and that sex outside of marriage is sin. For instance:

The Apostle Paul explains in 1 Corinthians that sex outside of marriage is actually the worst sin you can commit against yourself, for when you have sex with somebody, you actually merge yourself with that person. You’ve heard that analogy with the tree? A guy sleeps with this girl who’s slept with 10 other guys, so technically he’s sleeping with them too…that argument originated in the context of AIDS, but similarly, because sex is not just a physical enjoyment, but also an emotional, physical and spiritual joining of oneself with another, you’re actually merging yourself with each person you have sex with.

One explanation of this: in the TV show or movie “Highlander”, when they chopped off their enemy-immortals’ heads, they absorbed all the spirits of those that their victims had previously killed. If 50 people, then they absorbed those 50 people’s souls, or something. Sex is sort of like that, in the merging sense.

Another example: the guy’s blue, she’s red (primary colors). When you have sex with each other, you each become purple. Purple is good if you’re married, but until then, you were created to remain your primary color. Now say you’re each already purple, and you each have sex with others. You keep mixing in other shades and colors, and soon you don’t know what color you are, or you look like those blobs of Play-doh with all the colors mixed into it…and they’re so mixed in that you’ll never get them back to their original colors (like the clay glob picture with this post).

So you see, Christianity isn’t against sex…sex is awesome, feels great, and was created for our pleasure. Otherwise, it wouldn’t feel so good (yes, I’m married). So Christianity is pro-sex, but only in the context in which God had intended it to be, which is marriage.

Any sex outside of marriage is sin.

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