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Hi, I’m Andy. Welcome to The Salty Trail.

You may be wondering about the name. Originally, my blogs were all called “The Narrow Path”. But when the time came for me to find a name for this website, I learned that others liked the name also, thus making the name unavailable. So I thought some more about it some when I came to salt. In Matthew 5:13, Jesus said that as God’s people, He has called to be salt to the people of the world.  Light also, but salt seemed to fit well for this website.

Next, I wanted something that would portray our journeys…a holy journey, with Jesus Christ. That’s where I came up with “Trail”. Sure there’s “road”, but when I think of a road, I think of something paved over, smooth, often painted with lines to keep us on track, and that’s not how I recognize my walk with the Lord. There’s also “path”, but with a path, I think of a dirt path made in the woods (check out my other website, The Narrow Path 2). But when I think of a trail, I imagine something with rocks, gravel, dirt, holes and dips, bumps, dust, hills, uneven grounding, etc., for walking with Jesus is not always an easy walk.

The purpose of this blog is to be a place where I not only combine all my previous blog posts from over 10+ years, but also a place where I may continue to write on Biblical and Theological topics and life’s adventures in light of how the Bible says we are to walk (hence The Salty Trail). We are called to be Holy, as God is Holy. How do we do that in a world that is far from Holy? Many try, many don’t; some succeed, more don’t. Are we doing something wrong? Are we doing something right? This is where we walk down that line together in fellowship.

At the moment, I have 3 types of postings: Blogs, Q&A, and Guest Bloggers.

Blogs: These are blogs, posts, Bible studies, and Bible-based things I’ve written about over the years (and continue to write today).

Q&A: You may have been to my Blogger site: “Dear Pastor Andy“. Though I have posted many questions there, I still have about a thousand more that I have yet to post online, which consist of questions I’ve been asked over the years.

Guest Bloggers: These are Christian friends with whom I’ve served and/or studied, or who I just happened to ask (like famous Christian authors). Many are Pastors today, some retired, some moved on to other ministries, some simple Christians through whom God loves to talk. Either way, they’re people I trust and who have agreed to share their love and journeys with Christ with you.

Finally, you may notice that on occasion, I’m addressed as “Pastor Andy”. This is because for a little over 10 years, I’ve served as a Pastor to youth. I also earned a Master in Divinity from North Park Theological Seminary with a focus on Youth Ministry. However, the Bible says that we receive our title by doing, not simply by having a degree or status in the church, and since currently I’m neither serving in a church nor directly Pastoring anybody, I figured it best to drop the title “Pastor”, at least for now.

Come, join me on this walk along the Salty Trail.

–Andy G.

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  1. Pastor Andy, thank you for the great site. Its very important with all of the bad there is in the world today to share the Word of God and what better place then on the internet where millions of people can be reached. God Bless and keep up the good work!

    My site is relatively new but my purpose is to reach people and hopefully spread some light.

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