Some have asked me or wondered what I believe certain popular or theological topics. Now, when I’m checking out a church’s website, they’ll always have a broken down list of their beliefs and stances, but if you check out a bunch of churches, you’ll find that some are so similar that it’s almost as if they’re just generic answers. “We believe the Bible is the infallible Word of God…” Yeah, all churches should. “We are a Bible-believing church…” If you weren’t then I’d be concerned. But the issue isn’t whether or not a church believes or follows the Bible, but HOW they follow it, and in what context they read and follow it, you know? Because that’s one of the main reasons we have denominations, isn’t it? So how do you pick out one Bible-believing church from another if they both say they do so, but do so differently?

So anyway, instead of giving a similar list on here, I thought I’d do something a little different. All my posts on here are as according to my beliefs about that topic, and sometimes the best way to know what somebody believes is to ask and listen to how they respond. That’s basically what this site is – my responses to such questions and preaching based on what I believe the Bible says.

So below, I’ve listed some topics. When you click on a topic, it’ll take you to a page with links to posts I’ve published on here that best help in answering.

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  1. Abortion 
  2. Baptism 
  3. Bible 
  4. Church 
  5. Communion (Eucharist/Lord’s Supper)
  6. Confirmation
  7. Discipleship / Holiness
  8. Evangelism / Missions / Outreach
  9. Forgiveness / Grace / Mercy
  10. Marriage / Relationships / Love
  11. Prayer 
  12. Prophecy / End Times
  13. Salvation / Heaven / Hell 
  14. Sin 
  15. Spiritual Gifts
  16. Tithing
  17. Trinity (and the 3 Godheads)
  18. Women in Ministry