God demands that His people be Holy, just as He’s Holy. To be “Holy” means to be “set apart” for God – separate from the world and its culture. But how do we know what that means? How does one become holy? That’s where discipleship comes in. It’s sort of a training time (boot camp?), only it’s after we’ve been accepted. Here are some posts and links to help you understand what I mean (and the fact that I’ve written so much about it should show just how important it is):

  1. Against All Hope, In Hope, Abraham Believed
  2. Are You Short-Changing God?
  3. Beatitudes in a New Light
  4. Before the Fish
  5. By What Standards Should We Judge?
  6. Choose Your Battles
  7. Christian Light
  8. Christians Must be Shepherds, Not Ushers
  9. David’s Humility
  10. Don’t be Afraid…or Else!
  11. Don’t Take My Word for it, Research it
  12. Do You Bring Glory to Your Father?
  13. Ever Feel Like You’re Just Going Through the Motions?
  14. For Your Eyes Only
  15. Give to God what is God’s
  16. God’s Mindset of Blurry Vision
  17. Holiness is NOT About Happiness (Part 1)
  18. Holiness is NOT About Happiness (Part 2): Falling Into Sin
  19. Hope in Current Sufferings
  20. How Do You Live For your Hero?
  21. How Should Christians Respond to their Gay Kids?
  22. How Should We Respond to Persecution?
  23. How To Let your Light Shine
  24. How To Live the Christian Life in Negativity
  25. How to Make God-Time More Intense
  26. Humanly Impossible
  27. “I Believe in Jesus and God, but I also Make A Lot of Sins”
  28. Inconsistencies in Christianity?
  29. In with the New Creation
  30. Is it OK to Question God?
  31. Keep Your Guard Up
  32. No Worries
  33. Practice What You Preach
  34. Real Love is Hard Work
  35. Should We Obey Our Government’s Laws?
  36. Submit to My Government?
  37. The Meaning of Success
  38. The Mustard Seed is the Smallest?
  39. The Power of Encouragement
  40. The Problems with Tradition (part 1)
  41. The Problems with Tradition (part 2)
  42. The Renewing of Your Mind
  43. The Selfishness of Spiritual Disciplines
  44. To God Alone Be the Glory
  45. Tough Times? don’t Worry
  46. Trying to LIve for God in an Un-Godly Environment
  47. Walking on Water
  48. Wanderers From the Truth
  49. Watch Your Step
  50. Wavering Like Palms
  51. What are Our Responsibilities with the 10 Commandments?
  52. What Does God Want With Me?
  53. What Does Great Faith Look Like?
  54. What Does Seeing Clearly Have to do with Following Jesus?
  55. What is a Christian Man?
  56. What is the Christian View of Sex?
  57. What’s the Real Purpose of the Sabbath?
  58. Where’s Your Focus?
  59. Why do you Tithe?
  60. Why is it So Difficult to Trust God?
  61. You Reap What You Sow