The need for evangelism, missions, and outreach are talked about all throughout the Bible. One place in particular though is Matthew 28:19-20, where Jesus commands His disciples to go out everywhere and make disciples, baptizing them in the Name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. It’s not our job to make converts, for God does that through the Holy Spirit. Our job is to make disciples from people everywhere, sharing with them about Jesus, what was accomplished on the cross and His resurrection, giving them the chance to choose Him and be saved from sin and judgment. However, it’s not the responsibility of just Pastors and evangelists, but everyone who belongs to the Kingdom of God through Jesus Christ. These links explain more:

  1. A Bible-Thumped Witch
  2. Aren’t All Religions False?
  3. Best Way to Evangelize?
  4. Better to Reign in Hell?
  5. Christianity as a Choice
  6. Could you Really Take Only a Staff?
  7. Does God Really Love Everyone?
  8. Don’t Take My Word for it, Research It
  9. Do We Have to Like Sinners? (pdf)
  10. Feeling Like God is Far Away
  11. Generations
  12. Getting Your Life “Back Together”
  13. God’s Meet and Greet?
  14. How Does One Get Into Heaven? Will Everybody Go There?
  15. How Do I Become a Christian?
  16. How Do You Evangelize?
  17. How Should Christians Respond to Their Gay Kids?
  18. How We Respond to News
  19. I Need Help in Finding God
  20. Is Evidence Required for Truth to Exist?
  21. Is Jesus the ONLY Way to Heaven?
  22. My Friend Thinks She’s Too Smart for God
  23. No Excuse Against Missions
  24. Noseeums
  25. Quoting the Bible to Non-Believers
  26. Shake the Dust Off Your Feet
  27. Spoken in Plain Speech
  28. Thank God, Others Have Also Been Called!
  29. Totally Alone
  30. Trojan Horses of Christian Metal
  31. True Witnesses
  32. Ultimate Life and Death Questions
  33. Using Logic, Why Do You Believe in God?
  34. Watered Down
  35. What About Those People On Deserted Islands?
  36. What Does God Think of You?
  37. What Does God Want with Me?
  38. What’s the Point of the Watchman?
  39. What Message Are We Pushing?
  40. When Compassion Gets in the Way of Mission
  41. You’re Guilty Too
  42. You Reap What You Sow 
  43. More on my Ministry Resources Website (The Narrow Path 2)