I once saw a message on the back of a car that read, “Jesus died for your sins”. My response was, “Yeah, but He was raised for our salvation.” See, we were created to live forever, somewhere. The question is where, and that depends on who we know now, in this lifetime. Because Christianity isn’t a religion whereas it’s my responsibility to do something in order to try and please God or get right with Him and He’ll consider me righteous enough to enter Heaven – and oddly enough, though that’s what most religions in the world promise, they don’t have any right to claim this, nor the authority to promise Heaven to people who keep their statutes. What makes Christianity different from all the world’s religions is not only that it’s the only one that’s true, but that it’s not about what we need to do, but what about Christ has already done. OUR responsibility is to accept this through faith in Christ Jesus. Now, I know I need to go a whole lot more into this, but let direct you to stuff I wrote about it, as well as some questions I answered in regards to salvation, Heaven, and Hell:

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