I notice that people don’t seem to understand the severity of Sin. I’ve heard people justify it as something cultural, something we can’t help, and something that’s natural. Some people justify their sin by declaring that they were born that way. Theologically-speaking, they’re right – they were born that way – in the sense that they were born as sinners. Corrosion of Conformity has a song called “Albatross” that’s worth listening to. In it they mention, “See I was born a liar, Albatross…” and they’re right in saying this. We were all born liars, sinners, evil (in a sense), rebels against God, with sin as natural, thanks to the first 2 humans who sinned, infecting us with something called “Original Sin”.

Sin is a potent poison that kills us slowly; it’s a drug that we become addicted to, and dig deeper into the more we do it. It’s disobedience to our Heavenly Father, rebellion against Him, but most of all and worse of all, sin separates us from God and sends us to hell if we’re not cleansed of it before death.

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