What’s Prayer really about?

Students praying, heads down

Dear Pastor Andy, from a Christian understanding:

  1. What Does prayer really do (for you)
  2. What is prayer really about

I really am curious and I need the answers for an assignment. Also, when I say “Prayer”, I mean what does praying do for you?

My Reply:
Prayer is communication with God.
You’re probably not old enough to remember the old modems, but there was actually a time when in order to get online, we had to use our home phones (land lines), and to get on, we would have to actually wait for it to go through a few steps, sometimes we didn’t get on, etc. Anyway, my point is that some people see prayer like that old dial-up modem system: they would log on when they wanted something from God, then log off when they were done. But for me, prayer has always been more like the Cable-modem connections that we have today. In other words, I’m always logged on.

Another thing about prayer is that it’s not just me talking, but I also listen for God’s communication. Sort of like a chat board or instant messenger. It’s not just you talking. Sometimes I get an immediate answer, sometimes I have to wait for Him to answer (like when you text a friend and they take a while to answer you back).

So in summary, what does prayer do for me? It keeps me in constant communication with God.

—Pastor Andy G.

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