What’s Your Purpose of Life?

B.C. Comic of man crawling up mountain to ask a great guru the purpose of life, only to find that he doesn't know, either.

Dear Pastor Andy, what are your purposes of living? Are they to enjoy afterlife? To be with god in heaven? To persuade more people to church so the church can be richer?

My Reply:
The afterlife will be nice, but it’s not my purpose for living…salvation isn’t meant to be fire insurance, nor is it so for me. And if the afterlife was my goal, then it would only make sense that I would live as if Heaven was a reward – but it’s not – it’s a free gift to all who receive it. So no, the afterlife is not my purpose in life.

To be with God in Heaven will also be nice, but that’s connected with the afterlife question.

To persuade more people to church so the church can be richer? No, that’s not it either…

So what are my purposes for living? I have 3. They are:

  1. To glorify God.
  2. To carry out the ministry/mission of sharing what I know about Jesus with those who don’t know Him, so that they too may know Him as I do, or better.
  3. To love my wife (and our beagle).

—Pastor Andy G.

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  1. Great article – the only thing that I would amend would be to add not just sharing Jesus with those who don’t know Him, but also discipling and encouraging those who do know Him in their walk with Him.

    My 3 list for my ministry is this:
    1 – Nothing matters but eternity – nothing. Living life with this perspective changes everything from what I spend my time and energy on to what I use my resources for.

    2 – Every choice I make will either please God’s heart or break it. As a kid spankings didn’t phase me, I didn’t really like them, but they never changed my behavior. What changed my behavior was seeing the look of hurt or disappointment in my daddy’s eyes…don’t want to see that in God’s eyes!

    3 – I stand before God, nightly, and give an account of my day. This keeps my where I need to be in my relationship with Him. There are 2 ways that I can do this – affecting the response from Him.

    1 – I “could have”, “should have”, “would have” done what you asked me, but I didn’t. – Response – “Foolish servant”
    2 – Lord, I did what you gave me to do today!!! Response – “Well done, good and faithful servant”

    These are the driving force not only behind my ministry, but my life, also!

    God bless your ministry!

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