When Did God Create Eve?

Genesis 1

Dear Pastor Andy, in the first chapter of Genesis Moses wrote how God created people, both male and female. So then when did God create Eve? Okay, now since I believe in a literal 7 day creation, would my assumptions be correct to state that God created Eve on the same day He created Adam? Maybe just a few hours apart? If my theology is wrong feel free to let me know. Thanks and God bless.

My Reply: The Bible does state that humans, both male and female, were created in the last day. Therefore, yes, you’re correct to believe that it was in the same day. However, that’s according to Genesis 1. Genesis 2, on the other hand, shows that God made humans before the animals, and then after the animals, God made the female.

We need to remember though that the Bible wasn’t written so that we can know exactly how creation occurred (how long each day was, how long they were in the garden for before they sinned, etc.), but to reveal to us the fact that God was the One (and the only One) who did the creating. Remember, at the time of the Law and Moses’ writing of Genesis, God’s people were filled with the ideas of many gods who created many things and ran everything. So it was imperative to reveal that the Lord God, who was rescuing them from Egypt and taking them to the land that He had promised their Father Abraham, is the ONLY real and true God, as well as the ONLY One who created everything that exists. In fact, in the first chapter of his account of the Gospel, John makes it clear that everything that exists, God made, and if God didn’t make it, then it doesn’t exist. God alone is the creator of everything.

The Bible was also written to reveal God’s interaction with His creation (us), His love for it/us, our continuous rejection of Him regardless of His continuous wooing and revealing of Himself to us, the revealing of His Messiah who would (and has) come to rescue all of His creation, or at least those who would choose to accept His wooing, free gift, and want Him in their lives, from the sin that has kept us from Him for so long, and to give us hope for something more, thanks to His victory (on the cross and in the end). Believe it or not, the whole Bible (New and Old Testaments) are about Jesus and people’s interactions with God.

—Pastor Andy G.

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  1. Titus 3:9–“But avoid foolish controversies, genealogies, dissensions, and quarrels about the law, for they are unprofitable and worthless”. The Bible doesn’t solely exist to inform, but to transform. And Jesus Himself basically says that over centuries, the Holy Spirit-inspired writings/predictions of different folks from different lands (who didn’t even know each other) all pointed to and were fulfilled in Christ Jesus (Luke 24:44).

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