Who Could Kill Cain?

Other than Cain, Adam had more sons and daughters

Dear Pastor Andy:If Adam and Eve really are the first two people, when Cain kills his brother and gets exiled, who is he talking about when he says “Anyone who may see me may kill me”?


My Reply: The genealogies of Genesis 5 mention that Eve also had “many other sons and daughters”.

 It’s also believed that the reason Cain would be afraid of the people in the other lands who might kill him is because, since they were all siblings, they would also have known Abel. So after hearing the news of Cain killing Abel, these other siblings and/or their descendants may kill Cain for what he did to him. That was why God put a mark on Cain, so that nobody would kill him, lest they be cursed 7 times over.


—Pastor Andy G.

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