Why Do People Have to Spread their Beliefs?

Red door, representing Christian beliefs of there being only 1 way to God.

Dear Andy, why do people feel the necessity to spread their beliefs? Some religious people (some, not all) are always looking to persuade people to join their religion. Shouldn’t your religion be a choice that you make yourself out of your own beliefs?

Also, I find that I agree with Anabaptists – that you should only be baptized after you are of certain age to decide your religion. What do you think about that way of thinking?


My Reply:

First, I’m just curious, why did you feel the need to share with me your beliefs about baptism? I mean, you just finished asking me why people spread their beliefs and are always trying to persuade others into believing what they believe, yet you just shared your beliefs with me about baptism. Sure, I understand you’re asking me a question, but then why include what you believe and why you believe that, for according to your question, shouldn’t one’s decision (for this case, on baptism) be a choice that people can make themselves out of their own beliefs?

Anyway, I actually agree with both viewsinfant & believers’ (click the link to understand why). But to really understand the infant part, you need to look at the Israelites’ crossing of the Jordan River and its connection with confirmation (again, click this link to get what I’m saying).

Now, why do people feel the necessity to spread their beliefs? Well, for Christians anyway, Jesus commanded His people to spread the Good News of the Gospel. However, we shouldn’t feel obligated to do it, like a task or anything, and spreading the Gospel won’t get us any more right with God than accepting Him did, but as people who have accepted Him and His Gospel, we should share it out of our excitement about it. I mean, if you read something online that you think others would like to read or look at, you share it, right? That’s how sharing the Gospel should be, also – sharing because it means something to us and includes some awesome news that people need to know.

As for the choice part, Jesus opened the door for all who want to walk in, yet so many refuse, accusing that it’s closed-minded to say there’s only one door. Yeah, there’s only one door (Jesus is the door), but the excitement that we’re trying to share is that it’s open and everybody is invited to enter through it! Yet so many people remain stuck on the issue of there being a lack of doors. I mean, think about it. If you were held capture by some terrorists, and somebody took them all out, opened up your crate (or whatever you’re being held in), and said to you, “Come out! I’m giving you your freedom!” Would you stay there in your crate, or would you run out to your freedom? In Isaiah 49:9, God says that through His servant (His Messiah, which is Jesus/Yeshua), “I’m saying to the prisoners of darkness, “Come out! I’m giving you your freedom!” And with Christ’s death on the cross and resurrection from the dead, He’s done just that. Isn’t it crazy that so many people prefer to reject their chance at freedom and instead remain in their dark crates?

As for the religion part, Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. See, a religion is all about trying to do what we can to get right with God, or to “earn” something better. But Christianity is about what Jesus already did (as I mentioned in the previous paragraph) — we can’t earn anything that He has to give (in the terrorist example, we couldn’t wipe them out ourselves, somebody had to do it for us — those terrorists were the enemy, obviously, but the hero is Christ Jesus), and again, it’s given as a free gift – we just have to accept it (Him). Isn’t that awesome!? And with freedom from captivity to sin being so easy, doesn’t it just make sense for those who accepted the freedom to try and persuade others to come out and be free?


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