Why Do People Have to Spread their Beliefs?

Red door, representing Christian beliefs of there being only 1 way to God.

Dear Pastor Andy, why do people feel the necessity to spread their beliefs? Some religious people (some, not all) are always looking to persuade people to join their religion. Shouldn’t your religion be a choice that you make yourself out of your own beliefs?

Also, I find that I agree with Anabaptists – that you should only be baptized after you are of certain age to decide your religion. What do you think about that way of thinking?


My Reply:
Well, Jesus did commanded His people to spread the Good News of the Gospel, and as people who have accepted Him and His Gospel, it is our responsibility to carry that out. However, I will admit that it is interesting to see how many today see it as anything but that.

As for the choice part, Jesus opened the door for all who want to walk in, yet so many refuse saying it’s closed-minded to say there’s only one door. Yeah, there’s only one door (Jesus is the door), but the excitement that we’re trying to share is that it’s open and everybody is invited to enter through it! Yet so many people remain stuck on the issue of there being a lack of doors.

As for the religion part, Christianity is not a religion, but a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. See, a religion is all about trying to do what we can to get right with God, or to “earn” something better. But Christianity is about what Jesus already did – we can’t earn anything that He has to give, it’s given as a free gift – we just have to accept it (Him).

As for the baptism topic, I actually agree with both views (infant & believers’). But to really understand the infant part, you need to look at the Israelites’ crossing of the Jordan River and its connection with confirmation.

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