Why do you Tithe?

offering basket being passed around at church

Dear Pastor Andy, what are your reasons for giving money to the church?

My Reply:
In short, it’s a part of worship.
Each Sunday that we make it to church, we’re given the opportunity to bless God with our presence and tithes. Each day we’re blessed with waking up with a breath, having a job (if you have one) and to work as if our boss is God, and we’re working for Him; and each morning that we wake up, we have the opportunity to ask the Lord how we may serve Him more.

There are three things that tithing does:

  1. Blesses God: God commanded that we tithe only a tenth of our income. So by doing so, we’re obeying God’s command, thus also revering Him not only as God of our lives, but also God of our possessions.
  2. Blesses others: Funds from tithing go to the necessary expenses of the church (utilities, etc.), salaries of the Pastors, they fund the ministries, and they help the church bless others with financial help when needed.
  3. Blesses us: Tithing helps take our focus and worries off worldly things, and in faith, reminding ourselves that our lives belong to God. You could also say it’s a sacrifice, for we’re giving up something of ours to the Lord. Like the poor woman who tithed all she had. She put her faith into God, knowing that He would provide for her, more so even than her little bit of money ever could.

There was a time when we didn’t have any money to give for a while, so we weren’t able to tithe. Then, when we began earning something, we realized how much of a blessing it is to be able to give something to the church, even if it may be very small. I mean, when you think of it, it’s really only a tenth of your income. Plus, you can never out-give God.

—Pastor Andy G.


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